Supporting Indie Authors

I’ve read my fair share of mainstream romance, but I’ve also read some excellent books by indie authors. This year, I plan to read even more by authors who decided not to take the traditional route in order to publish their book. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good story no matter what, and I’ll still read books by mainstream authors. I’ve found, however, I like the idea of choosing my next book because it’s what I want to read, not because it’s what an agent or publishing exec thinks I want to read. Indie authors have unique voices, and I want to read their stories.

So, in order to highlight some of the best of what independent publishing has to offer, I’ll be contributing to a review blog along with some buddies of mine from the book site Goodreads.

Find your next indie romance read at Kat’s blog, Kaleidoscope Heart Reviews.

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