Washboard Abs and a Friend who Fought Cancer…

…and kicked its butt.

Many moons ago, when I was a newbie on the book review and discussion site Goodreads, I met a romance author by the name of Abigail Sharpe. We became Goodreads buddies back in 2013 and she’s always been quick to provide helpful tips and insights for this aspiring writer. I’ve greatly appreciated not only her willingness to share her knowledge, but also all the contributions she’s made to discussions in my romance writer’s group Read Romance, Write Romance. I even interviewed her in my 5Q’s series!

So when she PM’d me a couple of months ago and shared that she had cancer *GAH!*, but she was ok now *WHEW!*, and was looking for someone to create a cover for a new book which compiled blog entries she posted during the ups and downs from diagnosis to survivor I jumped at the chance. Oh, and I was more than happy to stare at the pic she chose. 🙂 See cover below:

AS_Cover_Final2 I highly recommend enlarging image as needed. Please note: this blog is not responsible for licked screens.

What’s Next?: Dealing With Breast Cancer One Blog Post at a Time was released into the wild earlier this month, and as of the time this post was published is Amazon’s #1 new release in the Breast Cancer Category.


Congrats Abby! I was honored to be involved, even if it was just a little, and most of it was spent ogling a sexy half naked dude. 😉

Grab your copy of What’s Next? at Amazon today.

Abigail Sharpe. Romance novelist. Wife. Extrovert. Performer. Band Mom. Daughter. Technical writer. Reader. Sister. Gator grad. Friend. Community volunteer.
Breast cancer survivor.
So many women with so many different titles and one thing in common. And it sucks.

I started blogging when I was diagnosed to keep my family and friends in the know – and so I didn’t have to repeat all the lovely things happening to me and my body. Here it is, with dates and times, the days and months of surgeries, hair loss, a runaway prosthetic, chemo, radiation, oral medications, bone pain, and the Bellybutton that Would Not Heal.

These pages are lifted from my blog, including comments, grammar issues, folks who posted anonymously, and when I go off-topic. Each entry is time and date stamped, so you can see what happened to me and when. It’s all true, though some names have been changed to protect the (not-so) innocent. If you had my friends, you’d understand why.

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