Indie Pride Day 2016

Indie Pride Edit 2016 copy


This Indie Pride Day, I wanted to showcase some indie reads that I’ve enjoyed recently. Here I am (dark under eye circles and all, sheesh) with some great books published by independent authors. #IndieBooksBeSeen

Starting from the top left and moving clockwise is Assassinated Love by Veronica Del Rosa, a prequel novella to the Enforcers and Coterie series. This sexy Paranormal Romance is a well-researched and lush account of ancient Egypt that spins a very cool re-imagining of the Egyptian god of regeneration and the goddess of nature.

The next is another PNR, Blood in Fire by Heather R. Blair. The second in her Celtic Elementals series, Ms. Blair ups the game of weaving elements of a culture’s myths and legends along with her own voice, and pretty much creates a brand new epic hero’s tale in the process.

TOWY is an anthology featuring a gripping, eclectic mix of genres and voices all tackling one heavy, twisted idea. Post-cost proceeds of this collection are being donated to suicide prevention charities. So while the subject matter is anything but light, sales of this book do benefit a good cause.

Dawn’s Keeper, the third book of Ms. Del Rosa’s E&C shows how this series just keeps getting better and better. It had been a while since I was so impressed by the sizzling chemistry between a hero and a heroine. The sexual tension and the playful banter between Dawn and Elijah were so well done.

A sexy diversion I read during lunch featuring a couple of cute (and very naughty) characters, Sinsual Delights is a short story by Cinnamon Sin. This one reads sort of like a companion piece to a larger series, but was still a fun time on its own.

Finally, Cash: Angel, Demon, Rock Star is my current indie read. I’ve read M/M Romance by Jae T. Jaggart before and loved it. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to this one as well.

There are fantastic indie books out there in Romance, Horror, and every genre in between. Take a look at everything that independent publishing has to offer; I’d love to see your favorite indie reads next Indie Pride Day. 🙂


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