Infernal Embrace is now Available!


It’s release day and I’m super excited! Infernal Embrace is Book One of the Crescent City Arcana series, and is available at all major ebook retailers. As the full-length follow up to the short prequel, The Hunter and the Witch, it follows the story of a powerful witch in training and the former gladiator once tasked with killing her. If you haven’t read Beth and Lucius’ origin story, you can find the freebie read here.

Infernal Embrace Blurb:
Magic first came to Bethany Hayes in a flash of green light, intense pain, and blinding fear. With the dark witch who wanted her dead now vanquished, she’s learning how to wield her own considerable powers with the help of the former gladiator once tasked with killing her. While their alliance is unconventional, to have any chance of helping a friend in need, she must trust Lucius despite the man he used to be.

Had it not been for Bethany, Lucius Sempronius Asper would still be bound by a dark witch’s curse and forced to assassinate anyone she deemed a threat. Now mortal but free after centuries of servitude, he’s loyal only to the woman who saved him. But as strange attacks plague New Orleans, Beth’s unpredictable magic could prove more dangerous to Lucius than any mysterious evil tormenting her beloved city.

The Big Easy won’t reveal her secrets without a fight. Can Beth confront what’s hiding in the shadows without losing herself to the darkness within?

Publisher’s Note: Crescent City Arcana is an Urban Fantasy series intended for readers over 18. Infernal Embrace contains violence and adult language.

Pick up your copy of Infernal Embrace today

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