Simple Ways to Show Love #UpbeatAuthors

I was introduced to Upbeat Authors through Paranormal and Contemporary Romance author Rosanna Leo’s posts, and I’m excited to be a part this group of supportive fellow writers. Each week, I’ll be joining them with my own contributions based on the week’s theme.

heart leaf

This week’s theme: Simple ways to show the important people in your life that you love them

I thought on the theme for a while, and when I couldn’t come up with a one-size-fits-all answer, I reached out to a group of friends for suggestions. After a bit of discussion, we all decided it really depends on the person, that one specific gift or gesture isn’t right for everybody.

I’ll text comics or funny memes to my sister so she can have a laugh after a tough day at work. If a coworker likes a certain type of snack, I’ll be sure to grab it for them during those weeks when the job is particularly stressful. A friend of mine who’s a big fan of Chris Evans, I may send her a bunch of Captain America gifs if she’s feeling down.

Knowing your friends and family well enough to be aware of what makes them happy, and taking the time to reach out to show them they’re important to you, matters more than the gifts or gestures themselves. These little ways of expressing to people that I care about them are some of the simple ways I show love.

How do you show love to the important people in your life, in simple ways?

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