Mailing List Update (GDPR Compliance)

Happy Monday! If I say it, maybe it will come true, lol.

I just wanted to check in regarding my mailing list/newsletter, Rae’s Reading Room. You may have heard of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect on the 25th. In order to comply with GDPR consent requirements, I’m asking everyone, regardless of country of residence, who was already subscribed to my list to either reconfirm their subscription or unsubscribe via the email I sent to all existing subscribers this past Friday. Sent on the 18th, the subject heading was “Still interested in Rae’s Reading Room?”

If you’ve received the email from last week and updated your settings via the link provided, thank you kindly! If not, you’ll have until this Friday to do so, or you may subscribe at any time with my updated sign-up form here. After May 25th, I will be unsubscribing anyone from my list who has not actively reconfirmed their subscription to my list and explicitly consented to receiving emails by selecting the “Email” check box under the Marketing Permissions section.

Many thanks for your cooperation, and I truly hope you’ll continue your subscription to Rae’s Reading Room (or subscribe for the first time!) to receive news and updates from me via email. ♥


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