Character Interview with Lucius Asper

Character Interview with Lucius Asper I'm a member of the Goodreads group Kiss & Tell, who recently held a convention of sorts featuring character panels and other fun stuff. Below you'll find the moderator's transcript of her interview with my character, Lucius Sempronius Asper. Enjoy! ***** A hostess guides me to a table under the Café … Continue reading Character Interview with Lucius Asper

Enough with comments about “bodice rippers,” please.

“Romance is not about wilting heroines who can’t think for themselves and who need big, strong men to help them cut their meat.”

Well said Ms. Leo!

Rosanna Leo

The other day, an author pal of mine shared a comment that she’d received on a review about her romance book being a “bodice ripper.”

Seriously, folks. It’s 2016.

I’m done with these comments. Honestly, can’t people think of another way to describe romance novels?

First of all, I have read this friend’s work and although she writes historical romance, in no way, shape or form could her books be considered the same as the traditional interpretation of a bodice ripper.

What exactly is a bodice ripper? It’s an old-fashioned, pejorative term for romance. Early plots often featured heroines who were “gently coerced” into sex. In other words, the sex becomes consensual after a time, the heroine falls for her swashbuckling hero who looks like Fabio, and they go off and make lots of babies.

Honestly, very few people write this stuff any more and most of us modern romance…

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Reviews for Indie Romance Reads

Kaleidoscope Heart Book Reviews: Supporting indies, one review at a time. My buddy and fellow romance fan Kat created and runs KH Reviews, a fantastic indie-centric review blog to which I occasionally contribute. Kat is an avid reader and all around cool chick and you can tell she really puts her heart into maintaining this awesome romance blog. Reviews are so important … Continue reading Reviews for Indie Romance Reads

Washboard Abs and a Friend who Fought Cancer…

...and kicked its butt. Many moons ago, when I was a newbie on the book review and discussion site Goodreads, I met a romance author by the name of Abigail Sharpe. We became Goodreads buddies back in 2013 and she's always been quick to provide helpful tips and insights for this aspiring writer. I've greatly appreciated … Continue reading Washboard Abs and a Friend who Fought Cancer…

Bringing You Some Good Stuff: Why Romance Writers Are Awesome

Thoughts on fellow romance writers. (Spoiler alert: They rock!)

Jen Winters is an Indie Author


As I have been preparing for this months blog tour, I have been thinking deep thoughts about what I can to do be a positive impact on other lives and who and what makes a positive impact on mine. The first thing that cam to mind is how wondrous the romance writing world is because of the WRITERS.

Ok, first, openthis little link in a new tab–that’s right, right click on it, click on “open link in new tab” and what are you going to see? Well, you are going to see what comes up is you type into google “writing romance”.  Assuming you did look at that link, you might have noticed something of a theme: HOW TO WRITE ROMANCE.

WHAT?!?!?! Other romance writers are giving you tips for how to write romance? Isn’t this a competitive market? Don’t writers want readers to spend their money…

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