5Q’s with Jen Winters

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Today I’d like to welcome Paranormal Romance author Jen Winters. Jen’s Guardian Novels series is full of the hot heroes and strong heroines I love to see in romance, all while exploring religious themes and the plight of humanity in general. Then she has to go and throw a sexy fallen angel in there to topple my TBR Shelf. (Not that I’m complaining…) 🙂 Question time!

Why did you start writing? So this is an awkward story. I was fifteen and my BFF still played with My Little Ponies. The thing was, we were teenagers and our story line were becoming too complicated to keep up without writing things down. And then it just morphed from there (for which I was eternally grateful, feeling embarrassed by her obsession with dolls). We started writing MLP fan-fic and then we just upped our game and started writing sweet fantasy romances.

What’s your favorite thing about being an author? Hands down are the surprise reviews. When I get a review I wasn’t expecting, it cheers me on and keeps my faith in my own work.

Have you read anything fantastic lately? Oh my! Yes! Let me just recommend some authors that have impressed me lately: Julie Nioholls Demon Within by Julie Nicholls, Adri Sinclair Hidden Carmina (Volcano Valley Book 1) by Adri Sinclair, Katya Mills Grand Theft Life (Daughter of Darkness, # 1) by Katya Mills, Ani Manjikian Spirit of the Lone Horse (Stars of Heros #1) by Ani H. Manjikian, Tima Maria Lacoba Bloodgifted (The Dantonville Legacy, #1) by Tima Maria Lacoba.

What can readers expect from your books? My books are (so far) first person narrative, paranormal romance. My women are strong, kickass characters and my men are handsome and dangerous. I do a lot of research for my stories and many of the characters and myths are based on history. For example, Geneva Archer, my MC and narrator for Kissing Demons is based on the historical figure Beatrice Marguerite of Geneva, wife to Thomas I of Savoy. Her son really was the archbishop of Canterbury, and he really did use the image of Jupiter as his seal. Little things like that pepper my books.

Anything new you’d like to share? I am currently working on a paranormal romance series separate from the Guardian series. The Dragonswan sisters have a secret, and apples. Lot’s and lots of apples. You can see the first novelette, Long for Freedom, as it is written on my blog: https://jenwintersne.wordpress.com

Intriguing! Many thanks for sharing, and for answering my five questions. Kissing Demons is available for purchase on Kindle, Smashwords, B&N, iBooks, Overdrive, and Kobo. The novlette, Kissing the Rain, is FREE(!) on Amazon and other retailers. You can find her Amazon Author Page here.

Connect with Jen: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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