5Q’s with Trish Arcangelo


Please welcome Trish Arcangelo, romance writer and fellow Halloween enthusiast. Trish has been a romance fan for years, eagerly reading all the subgenres that have come her way. Her wide-ranging appreciation for the genre shows in her first and second releases as an author–the first being a fantasy romance, and the latter (coming soon!) is a post-apocalyptic romance. I’ve seen the brand spankin’ new cover for her upcoming release, and am looking forward to what she has in store for us! Okay, time for my questions…

Why did you start writing? I was an avid fiction reader as a child. Then, when I was sixteen, I snuck one of my mother’s romance novels and from that moment on I was hooked. I’ve been a fan ever since, reading every genre of romance fiction I can get my hands on. In my twenties I dreamed about writing one of my own but never tried, chalking that up to a childish fantasy, as if I was just as likely to sprout wings and fly as I was to write a book someone would want to read. But the dream never left me. Finally in my thirties I decided I had to try or I would never know.

What’s your favorite thing about being an author? I love the chance to be creative. As a child, I used to draw, write poems, and write songs (that should never see the light of day). But the older I got the more life got in the way and before I knew it the creativity was sucked right out of me by adulthood. The daily grind of work, bills, chores, etc. took a toll. So when I sat down to finally write the romance story I’d always wanted to read, ideas flowed out of me. My manuscript was a blank canvas that I could fill with brush strokes in every color of the rainbow. And the idea of putting my stories out there and having readers enjoy them, as I have enjoyed so many romance novels over the years, fills me with glee.

Have you read anything fantastic lately? Anything I read by Kresley Cole is fantastic. I finished her new release, The Master, recently and loved it.

What can readers expect from your books? My readers can expect a few things from my books:

1) They will focus heavily on the main love story.
2) My first few books all have dark settings. I seem to like to throw the main characters into hopeless, horrible circumstances and see what they do.
3) Lastly, I can pretty much promise a witty heroine and a tortured, brooding hero!

Anything new you’d like to share? My first book, a fantasy romance called DARKNESS EMBRACED, was released this past February. My second book, Breakout, a post-apocalyptic romance, should be coming out before the end of the year. Pinch me!!!

*Pinch* 😉 You’re not dreaming Trish! Many thanks for answering my questions today. Darkness Embraced can be purchased at your favorite eBook retailers and you can find Trish’s Amazon Author Page here.

Connect with Trish: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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