Subway Snippets | When in Rome (Post #2)

When in Rome (Post #2)

He watched from a top floor balcony as the girl refastened her sandals and stumbled away. She would remember less and less about their encounter as the night progressed, until the brief moment in time became no more than a blank spot in her memory. She’d chalk it up to jet lag, or too much wine with dinner.

Sebastian shook his head. The human mind so readily disregards the unbelievable. It’s easier to convince themselves of the dull explanation than to accept the possibility of something more. Even so, he always removed all recollection of his silent attack. Few people truly knew of the things that went bump in the night, and centuries of surviving in the shadows taught creatures like him they had no other choice. He sated his hunger secretly and under the fog of disbelief, never allowing his victims to remember.

Victims. That term was laughable. There were those within his brethren who would leave their meals broken and bloody and think nothing of it. He, on the other hand would track her from his perch like a fool until she made it safely through the door to her hotel’s foyer.

The girl paused when she reached the far end of the alley, no doubt wondering how she got there. Sebastian allowed himself an amused smile and leaned forward, crossing his arms on the balcony’s rail to get a better look at the woman whose lifeblood he had dined on tonight. She was slender yet athletic, and though her legs looked amazing in those heels it was obvious her footwear of choice would have been a few inches shorter. Auburn hair to her shoulders, light blue eyes, and fair skin peppered with freckles, this girl was stunning. An old scar ran along the length of her jaw on the left side, but instead of marring her delicate features, somehow it only added to her beauty.

This Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy story is an exercise in writing without an outline, written during my daily commute. Other Subway Snippets can be found here: Subway Snippets Series

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Lol Iza! I hadn’t seen that episode with Spike, but it’s very fitting. 😀 Thank you so much for reading! PS, WordPress on my mobile was being crazy for a minute, if it seemed like a comment or two had disappeared…


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