Urban Fantasy Prequel on Instafreebie

Love free books? Head on over to Instafreebie for your free copy of the Crescent City Arcana short story, The Hunter and the Witch. This short Urban Fantasy origin story is #0.5 of the series, detailing the events prior to Infernal Embrace (Crescent City Arcana: Book One, available now). Snag your free copy here: The Hunter and the Witch … Continue reading Urban Fantasy Prequel on Instafreebie

Blood Moon Falling | Urban Fantasy Flash Fiction

Special Agent Onyx Everett pointed her Glock upward and leaned to peer around the corner of an abandoned warehouse. Damn it. Her CI had claimed there were only fifteen members in New Detroit's chapter of the Blood Moon Motorcycle Club. Unfortunately for Onyx and the four other SDEA agents with her, all of New Detroit’s … Continue reading Blood Moon Falling | Urban Fantasy Flash Fiction