Subway Snippets | When in Rome (Post #3)

When in Rome (Post #3)

Sebastian’s acute sense of smell picked up the sharp scent of adrenaline. A second later, two men rounded the street corner, slowly approaching the girl as she began to back away. He caught their scent as well.


“Are you bloody kidding me?” Sebastian sighed as their offensive taunts carried over the thin night air. Nobody he knew, but they were definitely bad news. He stood up and angled his head left then right, releasing the tension in his neck with two loud cracks. Briefly debating whether or not to leave this foolish girl to her own devices and allow natural selection to take its course, his conscience quickly won over apathy.

Without a sound he vaulted over the rail and landed on the balcony below. After three more jumps from landing to landing he was at street level. Preoccupied with forcing the girl into a dark corner, his so-called brothers didn’t hear Sebastian coming upon them until he made himself known.

Buona sera gentleman. Lovely night, wouldn’t you say?” The thug vamps spun around as he advanced. Sebastian flashed a wide grin, full of fang and the promise of a good fight.

“Back off, Blondie. This one’s ours.” The vampires crowded her, protecting their “prize”. Sebastian chuckled. No shortage of muscles between those two, but nary a brain cell in either of their thick skulls.

“Come, now. There’s no need to resort to name calling. We’re all friends here, right?”

The taller one opened his mouth to make what would have certainly been a witty retort, but what came out was a yelp of pain. A glint of silver blade passed from his lower legs to the other vampire’s, who looked over to his friend with a confused expression before letting out his own agonized howl. The two of them collapsed, writhing in pain and clutching their calves.

Sebastian widened his eyes, and managed an impressed smirk before he felt the fiery bite of a silver bullet in his thigh.

This Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy story is an exercise in writing without an outline, written during my daily commute. Other Subway Snippets can be found here: Subway Snippets Series

Thanks for reading!

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