Subway Snippets | When in Rome (Post #4)

When in Rome (Post #4)

Mara motioned for the sniper on the roof to take out the two bloodsuckers at her feet. The silver-tipped bullets cut through the alley right to their heads, the shots muffled by the rifle’s suppressor. With two of the vamps now paralyzed, she signaled that the pick-up crew be summoned. A healthy dose of silver embedded in a vampire’s brain wouldn’t kill it, but would incapacitate them long enough to be moved to a secure location for termination. A few verses in a dead language and a good old wooden stake to the heart was the only way to kill them for good.

Now to see to the third… The snarky one that was making a play to steal a bloodmeal from the others. The bullet to his leg had rendered him immobile as the silver assaulted his cardiovascular system, like a snake’s hemotoxic venom would affect a human, but more effective.

Or, it should have rendered him immobile… She cocked a brow as he managed to lift himself to his knees and look up at her. Despite the excruciating pain he certainly felt, he smiled. And not a resentful sneer or menacing grin, but an honest to goodness full-on and friendly smile. Did this moron have a death wish? She stepped back to give him a wide berth in case he thought to try anything.

“It’s not often,” he said, admiration evident on his masculine face, “that a human surprises me.”

“You don’t say…” Mara yawned, feigning boredom when she felt anything but. This vamp should be squirming around in his own fluids right now, not carrying on a normal conversation like the shot barely affected him.

“It’s true.” His bright green eyes locked with hers and crow’s feet crinkled above high cheekbones.

Damn him, he had a great freakin’ smile.

And all that did was piss her off. She gave Blondie a quick wink and held up three fingers to her sniper before tapping them to her leg.

This Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy story is an exercise in writing without an outline, written during my daily commute. Other Subway Snippets can be found here: Subway Snippets Series

Thanks for reading!

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