Subway Snippets | When in Rome (Post #5)


When in Rome (Post #5)

The back of him burned from heels to head against cold metal. Sebastian leaned shackled to a silver-coated standing gurney, multiple gunshot wounds to his thigh paralyzing his major muscle groups. They had stripped him down to his boxer briefs before locking his arms and legs into thick silver manacles fixed to the table. He made a point to make a pass at each of the goons who handled him, successfully getting a rise out of one along with a cheekbone-cracking punch to his face.

He chuckled; watching the guy flush red from his neck to his ears was worth it.

“Well fellas,” he drawled and spit some blood to the floor. “What do you have planned to keep me entertained tonight? Something kinky, I hope.”

The henchman glowered at him, all business. They were human, well trained and outfitted in military-grade body armor, black tac gear, and an impressive array of weaponry. The place where they held him was dark, dank, and underground. Rows of soaring columns stretched the length of the cavernous area and connected in sections of vaulted ceiling–likely housing a forgotten Roman cistern. This vast stone structure which once held water for the city’s ancient citizens now seemed to serve as a base of operations for whoever the hell these idiots were.

Well, Sebastian thought as his “bait” descended some makeshift stairs to their level, the men straightening upon her arrival and avoiding eye contact when she passed. Not all of them are idiots, he decided. The girl’s clingy dress and ridiculous stilettos were gone, replaced by a dark tee, cargo pants, and thick-soled boots.

His smile would have shown fang were it not for this unavoidable contact with the silver; they usually came out to play when he was itching for a fight or otherwise aroused. It was probably for the best though–for whatever reason, his mere existence really happened to irritate this woman.

“Better,” he noted, eyeing her up and down.

Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly, a barely there microexpression pulling at the tiny muscles of her eyelids. Had he not been vampire, he probably wouldn’t have caught it.

“I’m not taking the piss, you know. You look good.”

This Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy story is an exercise in writing without an outline, written during my daily commute. Other Subway Snippets can be found here: Subway Snippets Series

Thanks for reading!

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