Urban Fantasy Prequel on Instafreebie

Love free books? Head on over to Instafreebie for your free copy of the Crescent City Arcana short story, The Hunter and the Witch. This short Urban Fantasy origin story is #0.5 of the series, detailing the events prior to Infernal Embrace (Crescent City Arcana: Book One, available now). Snag your free copy here: The Hunter and the Witch … Continue reading Urban Fantasy Prequel on Instafreebie

Character Interview with Lucius Asper

Character Interview with Lucius Asper I'm a member of the Goodreads group Kiss & Tell, who recently held a convention of sorts featuring character panels and other fun stuff. Below you'll find the moderator's transcript of her interview with my character, Lucius Sempronius Asper. Enjoy! ***** A hostess guides me to a table under the Café … Continue reading Character Interview with Lucius Asper